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Compressed-Air-Cooled Hystersis Brakes

AHB Series Compressed-air-cooled Hysteresis Brakes

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When torque control/torque measurement must be performed at the highest possible power, Magtrol AHB Series Hysteresis Brakes are ideal. Passages running through the brakes enables compressed air cooling, providing
excellent heat dissipation. This design allows for continuous power ratings
up to 3000 watts (5300 watts intermittent). Use of pre-loaded bearings in the
AHB Series Hysteresis Brakes allows operation at speeds of up to
25,000 rpm for extended durations.

AHB Brakes are conveniently base mounted. Base mounting, with integral
barrier type terminal strip, provides easy mounting and wiring.


Note: Shown with T-Slot bast plate sold separately
Applications Features

Magtrol’s AHB Series Compressed-air-cooled Hysteresis Brakes can function in either torque measurement or torque control applications. When mounted to the PT 25 Series T-slot Base Plate, a cost-effective, basic motor test rig can be easily configured. For this purpose, Magtrol offers several accessories and system options to choose from. The simplest test bench may include one or two AHB Brakes and an AMF Adjustable Motor Fixture mounted onto a PT Base Plate. Adding a TM Series In-Line Torque Transducer, couplings, FR10 Free-Run Speed Sensor, 3411 Torque Display or DSP7000 Controller greatly expands the system’s motor testing capabilities.

Other accessories available from Magtrol include: power supplies, air filters, pressure gauge kits, air lines, pipe fittings, jack shafts and risers.

In addition to motor test applications, AHB Series Compressed-air-cooled Hysteresis Brakes can be used for the following:

  • Durability/reliability verification
  • Brush run-in
  • Carburetor tuning
  • High-speed tension control
  • Ideal for low-torque/high-speed applications with exceptional power ratings
  • Torque: 1 N·m to 24 N·m
  • Speed: up to 25,000 rpm
  • Power: up to 5300 W
  • Compressed-air cooling offers excellent heat dissipation
  • Allowable input air pressure of up 95 PSI eliminates the need for a regulator
  • Magtrol hysteresis braking technology provides precise torque control independent of shaft speed
  • EMC susceptibility conforms to European standards
  • All metric dimensioning
  • Base mounting standard
  • Designed for use with Magtrol PT Series T-slot Base Plate mounting system
  • A variety of accessories and system options to choose from to create a simple and cost-effective test system.
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For complete technical specifications, including power absorption curves, download the data sheet. For detailed dimension drawings… Calculators
Click on the icon in the table below. A PDF document will open in a new window.
(Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0, or later, is required.)
Brake Ratings
Model Minimum
Torque at
Rated Current
Kinetic Power* View
Solid Model
With Air Without Air
5 Minutes Continuous 5 Minutes Continuous
AHB-1 1.00 400 25000 1200 1200 250 55
AHB-1.5 1.50 400 25000 1300 1300 450 70
AHB-3 3.00 750 20000 1800 1800 800 160
AHB-5 5.00 380 15000 2500 1000 1300 120
AHB-6 6.00 1500 20000 3000 3000 1400 225
AHB-12 12.00 1200 12000 2800 1800 2200 250
AHB-24 24.00 2400 12000 5300 3000 4000 450
*Kinetic power ratings are maximum values based on limiting coil and/or bearing temperature to approximately 100 ºC, and should not be exceeded.
**Standard coil voltage is 24 VDC. 90 volt, 12 volt and non-standard coil voltages are available on request.
Air Requirements
Model Air Supply Pressure Air Volume/Consumption Supply Tube Fitting
Outer Diameter Pipe Thread Size
PSI * bar kPa SCFM l/min mm NPT
AHB-1 90 6.21 620.5 10 283 8 1/8"
AHB-1.5 90 6.21 620.5 10 283 8 1/8"
AHB-3 90 6.21 620.5 15 425 10 1/4"
AHB-5 90 6.21 620.5 15 425 10 1/4"
AHB-6 90 6.21 620.5 20 567 10 1/4"
AHB-12 90 6.21 620.5 20 567 10 3/8"
AHB-24 90 6.21 620.5 20 567 10 3/8"
*The air pressure to the (at the) brake will be called out at 85 to 95 PSI. This range is thought to allow a user to directly attach to a compressor line without local regulation and filtering.
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System Options
Click on the component name for more information. Scroll down for optional accessories.
Open-loop Systems
A characteristic of the open-loop system is that it does not use feedback to determine if its input has achieved the desired goal. This means that the system does not react to the output of the processes that it is controlling. An open-loop controller is often used in simple test setups because of its simplicity and low cost, especially in systems where feedback is not critical. Below is an example of an open-loop system.
Open-loop AHB Compressed-air-Cooled Brake Torque Transducer Adjustable Motor Fixture T-Slot Base Plates Couplings 3410 Torque Display 5210 Power Supply

Closed-loop Systems
A characteristic of the closed-loop system is that it uses feedback to determine if its input has achieved the desired goal. This means that the system reacts to the output of the processes that it is controlling.
A closed-loop controller is often used because of its ability to repeatedly return to a desired controlled point. Below is an example of a closed-loop system.
Closed-loop AHB Compressed-air-cooled Brake Adjustable Motor Fixture T-Slot Base Plates DSP6001 Controller M-TEST Software Power Supply Couplings Torque Transducers

Optional Accessories
TM riser TM Risers
Many times, the AHB Brake will be used with one of Magtrol’s TM Series In-Line Torque Transducers. Risers lift the appropriate TM from the PT to the shaft height of the brake. The riser is complete with attachment hardware for the TM and T-Nuts and bolts for attachment to the PT 25 Base Plate.
Detailed dimension drawings

Jackshaft Jack Shafts
For each brake there is an appropriately sized hardened jack shaft, complete with T-Nuts and shoulder bolts, that will mount to PT 25 Base Plate.

Air filter kit Air Filter Kit
In order to ensure optimal life, the compressed air supply used to cool AHB Series Hysteresis Brakes must be free of contamination, including water, oil, rust scale, dust, etc. For optimal performance, Magtrol recommends the use of a 5 micron coalescing filter. Air filter kits purchased from Magtrol include the filter and a mounting bracket for attaching the air filter to the PT Base Plate.


Pressure gauge kit Pressure Gauge Kit
To ensure proper air volume Magtrol offers a pressure gauge kit, including “T” connector and tube (as shown), to be used in-line with the air supply line.


Power Supplies
AHB Series Compressed-air-cooled Hysteresis Brakes provide torque that is proportional to the current applied. During normal operation, the coil resistance of an AHB Brake will change with temperature. To eliminate the resulting torque drift, Magtrol recommends using a current-regulated power supply, such as the Model 5210 or the Lambda ZUP36-6. Refer to the note about power supplies under “Accessory Ordering Information” in the data sheet for more details.

Also Available: • Connection Cables: brake to controller; power supply to brake; controller to power supply
• Couplings: brake to in-line torque transducer
• Air Supply Lines: 8 mm and 10 mm outside diameter; sold by the meter
• Pipe Fittings
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