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Like the Hysteresis Brake, the Magtrol Hysteresis Clutch develops torque strictly through a magnetic air-gap, ensuring an absolutely smooth transmission of torque from the drive unit to the driven element. Designed to be powered without the use of brushes or slip rings, and being a pure hysteresis device, there is never any fear of contamination due to wear particles or leaky seals. This makes Magtrol Hysteresis Clutches and Brakes ideal for use in food processing and clean room environments. Clutches

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Model Minimum Torque
at Rated Current
Kinetic Power* View
Pillow Block Solid Model
5 Minutes Continuous
N·m mA rpm W W PDF PDF Model Drawing STEP
HCF-8M 0,0565 150 3600 60 15 N/A 4729
HCF-16M 0,113 270 3600 75 20 N/A 4729
HCF-32M 0,23 332 3600 90 25 4724
HCF-120M 0,85 200 3600 300 75 4725
HCF-250M 1,80 415 3600 450 110 N/A 4830
HCS-100 100 oz·in 200 3600 300 75 N/A 4755 N/A
HCS-210 210 oz·in 375 3600 450 110 N/A 4760 N/A
HCS-420 420 oz·in 460 3600 670 160 N/A 4759 N/A
Obsolete Clutch Models
(for information only—these clutches are no longer available)
Alternative Model
HCS-8 8 oz·in 197 3,600 60 15 HCF-8M
HCS-16 16 oz·in 192 3,600 75 20 HCF-16M
HCS-120 120 oz·in 200 3,600 300 75 HCS-100 / HCF-120M
* Kinetic power ratings are maximum values based on limiting coil and/or bearing temperature to approximately 100 ºC, and should not be exceeded. Actual values in service may vary ±50% depending on mounting, ventilation, ambient temperature, etc.
**Standard coil voltage is 24 VDC. 90 volt, 12 volt and non-standard coil voltages are available on request.
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In some control applications, the Hysteresis Brake and Clutch has no equal. Ideally suited to torque limiting situations such as bottle capping, bolt tightening, etc., the Hysteresis Clutch provides absolute control and the smooth application of torque with almost no maintenance. The design does not use slip rings or brushes and relies on the hysteresis principle of development of torque without friction components or magnetic particles. Therefore, there is never any fear of contamination due to wear particles or leaky seals which makes Magtrol Hysteresis Clutches ideal for use in food processing and clean room environments.
Winding Tension Closed loop winding tension control – Hysteresis Clutch on powered rewind. Tension controlled by means of dancer roller with potentiometer, clutch and controller.
Bottle Capping Magtrol Hysteresis Clutches provide precise control of torque for capping, bolting and other screw applications. Their clean particle-free nature eliminates fear of contamination, making them ideal for use in food processing and clean room environments.
Torque Limiting Torque limiting Hysteresis Clutch arrangement prevents over torque and provides precise, stable and smooth application of torque.
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