Brakes and Clutches
Special Designs
and Modifications

Hysteresis Device Special Designs & Modifications

Since 1953, Magtrol has created literally thousands of special and modified brake and clutch designs to help solve specific application problems for our customers.
Common Specials and Modifications Include:

Mounting Options
Although intended for coupled service, moderate overhung loads can be tolerated, depending on such operating characteristics as speed, weight, and center of gravity of load. Care should be taken to make certain that the shaft is properly aligned. Couplings should be of proper size and flexibility to adequately protect bearings from undue stress and shock loading.

Base Mount
Base mounting is standard on all HB-840 and HB-3500/HB-3500M double brakes. Base mounting is also available as an option on 450 and 1750 oz·in single brakes.
Base Mount Dimensions
base mount
All other dimensions per standard brakes.
* Contact Magtrol for drawing.
** Solid models are available for this unit by contacting
Magtrol Customer Service.
Brake Models
HB-451 HB-840 HB-1751 HB-1751M HB-3500 HB-3500M
AA 2.50 in 4.13 in 4.00 in 101.5 mm 5.00 in 127 mm
BB 0.25 in 0.25 in 0.50 in 12.7 mm 0.50 in 13.5 mm
CC 2.00 in 3.63 in 3.00 in 76.0 mm 4.00 in 100.0 mm
DD 0.50 in 0.50 in 0.50 in 12.6 mm 0.50 in 12.7 mm
EE 3.15 in 3.15 in 4.75 in 120.7 mm 4.75 in 120.7 mm
FF 5.25 in 5.25 in 9.00 in 215.9 mm 8.50 in 216.0 mm
GG 4.75 in 4.75 in 8.00 in 190.0 mm 7.50 in 190.0 mm
HH 0.25 in 0.25 in 0.50 in 13.0 mm 0.50 in 13.0 mm
JJ * 1.81 in * * 3.73 in 92.5 mm
KK 0.201 in 0.204 in 0.406 in 11.0 mm 0.406 in 11.0 mm
  ** ** ** ** **
Ordering Information:
An HB-450 with a base mount is an HB-451 and an HB-1750 with a base mount is an HB-1751.

Extended Shafts
Extended shaft

Higher Torque Capacity
It is Magtrol's policy never to overstate the capabilities of our products. As a result, our brakes are conservatively rated. Higher torque values (15-25% above rated torque) are typically available from each brake, depending on the brake being ordered. In addition, special designs capable of producing even higher torques are available. Contact Magtrol for more information.
High Torque
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