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3411 Torque Display

3411 Torque Display

MAGTROL’S NEW 3411 Torque Display
3411 Torque Display
January 23, 2014

BUFFALO, NEW YORK—Magtrol’s New Model 3411 Torque Display is designed for use with all Magtrol TM, TMHS, TMB and TF Torque Transducers. This easy-to-use device powers the transducer and utilizes high speed processing to display torque, speed and mechanical power.

The 3411 includes a tare function to help offset any slight residuals caused by couplings or suspended loads. It may also be used with any torque sensors requiring 24 V DC power (500 mA max.) with ± 5 V DC torque output (± 10 V DC max.) and open collector, TTL or CMOS output for the speed signal.  Special features include a high resolution quadrature encoder enabling low RPM applications or position measurements, selectable English, Metric or SI Torque units, an isolated USB interface and Ethernet connectivity.

The 3411 Torque display comes with Magtrol’s Torque 7 Software, a user-friendly LabView® executable program, used to automatically collect torque, speed and mechanical power data. The data can be printed, displayed graphically or quickly saved as a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet.

Magtrol is a globally respected manufacturer of high-quality products to test, measure and control torque-speed-power, load-force-weight, tension and displacement.  For more information on Magtrol’s complete line of products, contact Magtrol, Inc.; 70 Gardenville Parkway, Buffalo, NY 14224; 716-668-5555; or visit     

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