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CPB Series Brakes

CPB Series Convection Powder Brakes Press Release

MAGTROL’S NEW CPB Series convection powder brakes
CPB Series Convection Powder Brakes
August 29, 2012

BUFFALO, NEW YORK—Magtrol’s New CPB Series Convection Powder Brakes are ideal for applications operating in the low speed range or middle-to-high torque range. Convection powder brakes provide full torque at zero speed and are convection cooled, allowing power ratings up to 110 W.

Convection powder brakes contain, as their name suggests, a magnetic powder. The electrical current passing through the coil generates a magnetic field, which changes the property of the powder, thus producing a smooth braking torque through magnetic coupling between the rotor and stator.

The CPB Series Convection Powder Brakes are suited for tension control applications, such as wire winding, foil, film, and tape tension control. Mounted on test benches they allow performance and reliability testing on driving elements such as electric motors, hand-held power tools, geared motors, reduction gears and hydraulic transmission systems. Other applications include load simulation for life testing on electric motors, actuators, gearboxes, power steering, and many other rotating devices and assemblies.

Magtrol is a globally respected manufacturer of high-quality products to test, measure and control torque-speed-power, load-force-weight, tension and displacement.  For more information on Magtrol’s complete line of products, contact Magtrol, Inc.; 70 Gardenville Parkway, Buffalo, NY 14224; 716-668-5555; or visit     

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