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DSP7000 Programmable Controller Press Release

MAGTROL’S NEWEST Programmable Dynamometer controller
DSP7000 Programmable Controller
January 20, 2012

BUFFALO, NEW YORK— Magtrol's Model DSP7000 High-Speed Programmable Dynamometer Controller employs state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing Technology to provide superior motor testing capabilities. Designed for use with any Magtrol Hysteresis, Eddy-Current or Powder Brake Dynamometer, Magtrol In-Line Torque Transducer or auxiliary instrumentation, the DSP7000 can provide complete PC control via IEEE-488 or RS-232 interface. With up to 500 readings per second, the DSP7000 is ideally suited for both the test lab and the production line.

In the laboratory, the DSP7000’s high sample rate provides superior resolution for data acquisition and curve plotting. This allows for capturing more usable motor test data during switching, breakdown and other transitional areas of the motor test curve. For production and incoming inspection, the DSP7000 displays torque, speed and power at all times, allowing the Controller to be used as a manual stand alone unit or as part of a complete PC system.

The DSP7000 is available in two models. The DSP7001 is a single channel, low cost and easy to use option. The DSP7002 is a dual channel version that enables the support of two testing instruments with independent or tandem configurations and two fully independent control loops.

Magtrol is a globally respected manufacturer of high-quality products to test, measure and control torque-speed-power, load-force-weight, tension and displacement.  For more information on Magtrol’s complete line of products, contact Magtrol, Inc.; 70 Gardenville Parkway, Buffalo, NY 14224; 716-668-5555; or visit     

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