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M-TEST 7 Press Release

MAGTROL’S NEWEST Motor Testing software
June 20, 2012

BUFFALO, NEW YORK— Magtrol, Inc. has introduced its newest motor testing Software.  M-TEST 7 is a state-of-the-art motor testing program for PC (Windows® 7/XP) based data acquisition. Used with a Magtrol Programmable Dynamometer Controller, M-TEST 7 works with any Magtrol Dynamometer or In-Line Torque Transducer to help determine the performance characteristics of a motor under test. Up to 63 parameters are calculated and displayed utilizing M-TEST 7's feature-rich testing and graphing capabilities.

An integral component of any Magtrol Motor Test System, M-TEST 7 performs ramp, curve, manual, pass/fail, coast and overload to trip tests in a manner best suited to the overall efficiency of the test rig. Written in LabVIEW™, M-TEST 7 has the flexibility to test a variety of motors in a multitude of configurations. The data generated from this user-friendly program can be stored, displayed and printed in tabular or graphical formats, and is easily imported into a spreadsheet.  Magtrol can also make custom modifications to the software to meet additional motor testing requirements.
New features include user friendly tabbed pages for quick navigation, optional Analog and Digital I/O providing more device flexibility, DSP7000 Programmable Controller support, expanded power analyzer and power supply selections and additional test choices (coast and overload to trip).  M-TEST 7—besides being well-suited for simulating loads, cycling the unit under test and motor ramping—is also ideal for production line and inspection applications, due to its pass/fail test function.  Another time-saving feature that engineering labs will benefit from, is the ability to duplicate tests and run them automatically. This versatile program is extremely valuable to anyone involved in motor testing.

Magtrol is a globally respected manufacturer of high-quality products to test, measure and control torque-speed-power, load-force-weight, tension and displacement.  For more information on Magtrol’s complete line of products, contact Magtrol, Inc.; 70 Gardenville Parkway, Buffalo, NY 14224; 716-668-5555; or visit     

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