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RT Series Reaction Torque Sensors

RT Series Reaction Torque Sensors

MAGTROL’S NEW RT Series Reaction Torque Sensors
February 13, 2014

ROSSENS, SWITZERLAND – Magtrol would like to announce the launch of our new RT 100 Series Reaction Torque Sensors.  Magtrol is known worldwide for their torque transducer, strain gauge, force sensor and motor test system product lines.

Due to its rigid and compact construction, the RTS 100 Reaction Torque Sensor provides an overload reserve of 300% rated torque and a high accuracy of 0.03% combined error (linearity & hysteresis). Furthermore, it has a large center hole designed for the pass through of pipe or cable.

The RT100 Series Reaction Torque Sensor covers a wide range of applications such as tightening torque and reference torque control, as well as any dynamic measurement for valves and actuator control (with limited angle of rotation).

The series is available with a nominal torque of 200 and 500 Nm. An extension of the range is coming soon.  Special Designs customized to your specific needs are available upon request.

For more information on the new RT100 Series Torque Sensor or on other Magtrol products and capabilities, please visit or contact your local sales persons by Magtrol SA, route de Montena 77, 1728 Rossens/Fribourg, Switzerland, Tèl +41 26 407 30 00.

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