Load-Force-Weight Applications

Load-Force-Weight Applications

When forces acting on mechanical constructions are measured, the additional equipment required can often be costly and difficult to install. Magtrol's Load Measuring Pins offers an excellent solution since they acts as a direct element in the assembly, replacing a non-instrumented pin or shaft.
Magtrol Load Measuring Pins and Load Cell Sensors are used for:
  • Mobile weighing and overload protection for cranes, hoisting gear, elevators, floor conveyers, winches, container loading bridges, lorry superstructure, multibucket vehicles, wagons and other lifting equipment.
  • Stationary weighing in silos, on platforms and in tanks.
  • Force measurement for regulation processes in industrial installations and machinery production.
  • Force detection under harsh environmental conditions in: tropical, offshore, submarine and harbor applications.

Double Drum Crane

Drum Crane Drum Crane

Instrumentation on balancing wheel.
Existing pin can be replaced by instrumented pin. No need for major modification of the machine / crane.

Air-Cargo Measurement During Conveyer Transportation

Modified LB 210 Load Measuring Pin designed specifically for air-cargo measurement during conveyer transportation. (Pocketknife is used for size reference only.)

Magtrol SA developed a specially designed Load Measuring Pin for a German company that provides the world's leading aerospace OEM manufacturers and air-cargo operators with the most advanced, efficient and cost-effective onboard cargo and baggage-handling systems.

The customer was in need of a measuring device that would monitor the weight of air-freight transported by conveyor belt. The load measuring device needed to be comprised of specific aerospace requirements including first article inspection, COC, 3.1B Material Certificate and a special aerospace marking. The customer also had specific price, design, quality and delivery expectations which Magtrol was able to meet by modifying the existing LB 210 Load Measuring Pin, without sacrificing reliability.

Measuring Loads on a Container Loading Bridge

Container Bridge
Container loading bridge using Magtrol LE Series Load Pin in place of shaft for accurate load monitoring, load balancing and overload protection.

Bridge Diagram

Using load pins to measure loads on a container loading bridge is a typical application for Magtrol's Load Measuring Pins. This specific example shows how simple it is to replace existing shafts with load measuring pins just by slightly transforming the fixing system.

Four Magtrol Load Measuring Pins are located in the lifting rope attachments as indicated in the diagram. Knowledge of the pulley configuration allows one to work out the weight of the container held by the quick clamping device.

The LE Series Load Measuring Pin is ideally adapted to this type of assembly, being equipped with the 4 to 20 mA electronic unit. This enables a direct connection to the PLCs or a display in the driver's cabin, even if the cabin is remotely located. The PLC of the crane will provide simultaneous monitoring of both the corner loads and total loads of a container to provide overload control and warn of shifting or unbalanced loads.

Overload Protection for Palette Stapler in Automatic Warehouse


Knuckle Boom
Harbor Crane Protection

Harbor Crane Magtrol's LB Load Measuring Pins are commonly utilized in harbor cranes to provide load acquisition of all crane positions. The pins simply replace the roller shafts in the pulley system making for low cost installation. They provide simultaneous monitoring of corner and total crane loads with high repeatability and high accuracy. With quality direct load measuring along with protection against overload, the user is given the vital information needed to prevent crane accidents.
Replacing roller shafts with load measuring pins provides direct-load measuring, along with information needed to prevent crane accidents.
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