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Custom Motor Test Systems

Selecting a Custom Motor Test System

There are four key items that need to be addressed in selecting the proper motor test system:
  • What type of motors are to be tested?
  • What is the maximum Torque, Speed and Power of the motors?
  • What motor test parameters do you need to test?
  • How do you plan to control the Dynamometer and collect motor test data?
What type of motors are to be tested?
Magtrol Dynamometers are used for testing virtually all types of electric, hydraulic and pneumatic motors, as well as internal combustion gas engines.
What is the maximum Torque, Speed and Power of the motor under test?
Magtrol Dynamometers are rated in three parameters: Torque, Speed and Power. How to determine what Dynamometer you need is discussed in detail here.
What motor test parameters do you need to test?
Magtrol Dynamometers provide torque and speed data. Using a Magtrol DSP7000 Dynamometer Controller, DSP6001 Dynamometer Controller or Model 6200, mechanical power (in horsepower or watts) is also computed and displayed. The Magtrol Dynamometer Controller also contains an analog input which accepts any 0-5 VDC transducer. The transducer can be used to measure another parameter such as pressure, air flow, noise or a single temperature point.
If motor electrical input power is to be measured, Magtrol offers Single and Three-Phase Power Analyzers. The Power Analyzer option allows for capturing Volts, Amps, Watts and Power Factor.

A Power Analyzer is a required component in a test system measuring motor efficiency.

Magtrol also offers multichannel temperature testing hardware and software. Magtrol can also provide additional parameter testing via customized data acquisition hardware and software.
How do you plan to control the dynamometer and collect motor test data?
Magtrol offers both open-loop manual test systems, and PC based closed-loop test systems.
The open loop system requires motor test data to be acquired manually. A typical open loop system will consist of a Dynamometer and a Magtrol 6200 Open Loop Controller. A Magtrol Single or Three-Phase Power Analyzer can be included as an option. An open loop system is often used for quick pass/fail testing on the production line or at incoming inspection. Magtrol's 6200 Dynamometer Controller provides pass/fail testing as a standard feature.
Open Loop
In a closed-loop motor test system, data is collected on a PC using Magtrol's M-TEST Software, a Programmable Dynamometer Controller, and requisite interface cards and cables. A single or three-phase power analyzer can be integrated into this system, as well as Magtrol's Temperature Testing Hardware and Software. Closed-loop systems are often used in R&D and test lab applications. Closed-loop systems are also used for production line and inspection purposes, especially when automatic data collection is required.
Note: A basic closed loop system would include a dynamometer, programmable dynamometer controller and motor testing software. A comprehensive system would also include a power analyzer, temperature testing software/hardware.
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