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DES 410/411

DES 410/411 Power Supply

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DES 410/411

DES 410 and DES 411 Power Supplies are specially designed
for the full range of Magtrol’s Eddy-current and Powder brake dynamometers with the design goal providing the best response time. The DES 410 / DES 411 supplies are packaged in an industrial housing made of cast aluminum. This offers superior protection against radiated emissions in order to avoid any disruption of the surrounding electronics modules. This housing must be installed directly on the test bench, next to the brake, as close as possible.
The DES 410 / DES 411 supplies can be controlled by digital signals and analog set point coming from peripheral electronics. The DSP7000 Dynamometer Controller has been designed to work with the DES 41x.

The Power supply can be switched ON by remote control. The Stand-by signal enables the output current to be delivered. This excitation current is controlled by a set-point in the 0-10VDC range. The nominal value of the excitation current is set by internal resistors. There are two discrete outputs for alarms (open collector). The first is the “Temperature Alarm”. It will indicate if the cooling water of the Dynamometer or the inner temperature of the DES 41x are out of limits. The second is the "Electrical Alarm”. It occurs when an over current or a short circuit is detected. The output current is immediately turned OFF and latched while the General Alarm Relay is set under its Alarm position. A low state for 200 ms of the Stand-by signal resets the latch.

For applications with tandem dynanometers, the DES 410/DES 411 units also control the power supply of the electromagnetic clutch.
Supply Voltage
The main supply voltage of the DES 410/DES 411 is in the 115/230VAC/50/60Hz range. No selection is required. The DES 410 power supply features a galvanic insulation between the main circuit and the dynamometer power.

The DES 411 does not have galvanic separation. For safety reasons, the DES 41x case has to be grounded and the use of a ground fault current circuit breaker is recommended.
  • For use with Magtrol WB Eddy-Current and PB Powder Brake Dynamometers
  • Controlled current supply, with over voltage factor > 5
  • Analog input for current set-point
  • Selection of nominal current
  • Control by digital inputs/outputs
  • General alarm provided by relay
  • 2 alarm outputs (temperature, electrical circuit)
  • Available in either 115 or 230 VAC
Ordering Information
If the DES is ordered separately (from the dynamometer), it is absolutely necessary to specify which model of Eddy-current/ powder brake will be used with the DES power supply in order to limit the operating current and prevent possible damage to the dynamometer brake. Mains voltage (115 VAC or 230 VAC) should also be defined when ordering.
Description Model Part Number
Power Supply for WB/PB 2.7 and 43 Dynamometers DES 410/11x 234-410-000-11x
Power Supply for WB/PB 65, 115, 1 PB 15 and 1 WB 15 Dynamometers DES 411/11x 234-411-000-11x
Power Supply with Water Cooling Plate for 2, 3, 4 WB 15 and 4 PB 15 Dynamometers DES 411/12x 234-411-000-12x
Note: All DES 41X Power Supplies include the corresponding dynamometer connection cables. The last digit of the part
Number refers to the cable length in accordance with the following table.
Last Digit X Cable Length Dynamometer Side Cable Length Controller Side
1 1.5 m 5 m
2 1.5 m 10 m
3 1.5 m 20 m
4 2.5 m 5 m
5 2.5 m 10 m
6 2.5 m 20 m
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Technical Specifications
  DES 410 DES 411
Voltage 115 VAC / 230 VAC ±10 %
Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Fuse T1A or T2A
depending on the brake(s)
115–230 VAC
T2A to T12A
depending on the brake(s)
230 VAC    115 VAC
Maximum current 1 A + clutch 3 A + clutch / 230 VAC
6 A + clutch / 115 VAC
Voltage 115 VAC / 230 VAC
Current 1 A
Voltage +24 VDC ±5 %
Maximum Current 300 mA
(Selected by resistors) 0.5 A; 1.0 A; 1.5 A; 2.0 A; 2.5 A; 3.0 A 2.5 A; 4.0 A; 5.0 A; 7.5 A; 10.0 A; 12.0 A
Voltage 0 to 10 VDC
Impedance > 50 kOhm
DIGITAL INPUTS (Galvanically Insulated )
Remote Control of the Network Input (PSC) Relay coil by +24 VDC / 30 mA
Control of the Electromagnetic Clutch Optocoupler activated by +24 VDC / 2.5 mA
Stand-by (enable) Optocoupler activated by either +24 VDC or +12VDC / 2.5 mA max
DIGITAL OUTPUTS (Galvanically Insulated )
Temperature Alarms 2 open collector outputs
Umax = 40 V, Imax = 3 mA
Electrical Alarm
Relay Contact 2 A / 30 VDC
Operating Temperature 0°C to +50°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to +70°C
Humidity 0 to 90% as per DIN 40040
Protection Class IP 66
Assembly cautionThe housing must be electrically and thermally coupled to the metal frame of the test bench to allow heat dissipation.
Housing Extruded cast aluminium
Weight (without cable) 5.2 kg; 11.5 lb
Weight (with integrated cable) 6.2 kg; 13.7 lb
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