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With a Magtrol Engine Dynamometer, high performance motor testing is available to manufacturers and users of small gas engines. Magtrol's Engine Dynamometers have been designed to address the severe, high vibration conditions inherent in internal combustion engine testing.

Engine Dynamometers are part of Magtrol's line of Hysteresis Dynamometers so they are highly accurate (± 0.25% of full scale) and can be controlled either manually or via a PC-based Dynamometer Controller. For a small engine test stand, Magtrol offers a full line of controllers, readouts and data acquisition software.

An ED Series Engine Dynamometer is ideally suited for emissions testing as set forth in CARB and EPA Clean Air Regulations. The dynamometers will offer superior performance on the production line, at incoming inspection or in the R&D lab.

Engine Dynamometer

As with all Magtrol Hysteresis Dynamometers, engine loading is provided by Magtrol's Hysteresis Brake, which provides: torque independent of speed, including full load at 0 rpm, excellent repeatability; frictionless torque with no wearing parts (other than bearings); and long operating life with low maintenance. Magtrol provides a NIST traceable certificate of calibration, and calibration beam with each engine dynamometer.
Engine Dynamometer Features
  • High-Speed Capabilities
  • Large, Rugged Stainless Steel Shaft
  • Additional Front Shaft Bearing for Greater Support
  • Specially Reinforced Load Cell
  • Gusseted Pillow Blocks
  • Blower Cooled to Maximize Heat Dissipation
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