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Originally designed to test window lift gear motors, Magtrol’s FMF Series Fixed Motor Fixtures are used to secure motors in place while running any test. These versatile fixtures align the motor under test with Magtrol’s HD-100, HD-106, HD-400, HD-500, HD-700 and HD-800 Series Dynamometers for easy setup and coupling—couplings can be provided upon request. Various adaptor rings (sold separately) can be customized to allow several different motors to be tested on the same fixture.

FMF Fixed Motor Fixtures can be mounted to any Magtrol Dynamometer T-slotted long base plate or any Hysteresis Dynamometer Table with grooved table top (TAB 1457S, TAB 0800L and TAB 0825L). These fixtures are equipped with a precisely located rectangular key on the bottom of the plate for easy centering. Also included are four adjustable clamping levers and T-nuts.
FMF-800 Motor Fixture
  • For use with Magtrol HD-100, HD-106, HD-400, HD-500, HD-700 and HD-800 Series Dynamometers with long T-slotted base plates
  • Accommodate face mount motors of various sizes (depending on model)
  • Provides rigid mounting for face mount motors under test
  • Base plate contains a rectangular key for proper alignment
  • Secure anchoring system
  • Direct mounting to Magtrol TAB Series Dynamometer Table or dynamometer base plate (depending on model)
  • Adaptor rings (sold separately) allow different styles of motors to be tested on the same fixture (adaptors manufactured per customer requirements)
Model Comparison
  FMF-400-PT FMF-500-PT FMF-700-TAB FMF-700-PT FMF-800
Designed for use with: HD-100, HD-106 and
HD-400 Dynamometers
with PT material
HD-500 Series
Dynamometer with
PT material
HD-700 Series
Dynamomter with
TAB 1457S Table
HD-700 Series
with PT material
HD-800 Series
with long T-slot base
plate option
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Mounting Example
FMF mounting
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