Motor Test Equipment Rental
In-House Motor Testing

Calibration Services


Motor Test Equipment Rental
Magtrol offers dynamometers, controllers, power analyzers and motor fixtures for rent on a short-term basis. Now, you can benefit from the accuracy and convenience of Magtrol's industry standard test equipment without the capital expense. (Available in U.S. only.)
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In-House Motor testing
Magtrol's Motor Testing Service provides motor manufacturers and buyers with respected third-party benchmark, performance and quality assurance testing. This service is offered exclusively at the company's corporate headquarters in Buffalo, NY. All tests are run in a state-of-the-art motor testing lab, allowing engineers to accurately determine customer-designated characteristics of single-phase AC motors, three-phase AC motors and all DC motors.
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Calibration services
All Magtrol dynamometers, controllers, power analyzers, power supplies and readouts must be calibrated at least once per year. Magtrol provides repair and calibration services on all of its products. To send your unit to Magtrol for calibration, first complete the online RMA form.

  • Look inside one of Magtrol's calibration lab.

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